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E325 Flight Log - Flights #205 and #206

Dec 16

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Thursday, 16 December 2010 9:42 PM  RssIcon

First time flying at Etsa park and it was quite eye opening and intimidating with planes tearing around doing circuits having to avoid a couple of micro helis, whilst the bulk of the helis (blade 400s and smaller) were down the "dark side" of the stadium.

A couple of nice flights with the mini-titan.  Just lots of hovering (as i didn't feel comfortable venturing out to do circuits with the planes buzzing around).  It did allow me to fine tune the pitch curve for Jordon to learn with (dull it down around mid stick) and also to practice my nose in hovering.

Battery #6 took 1671 ma to charge in 58:13 minutes for a 7minute flight
Battery #7 took 1798 ma to charge in 67 minutes for an 8 minute flight

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