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Trex 600n Flight Log - Flights #207, #208 and #209

Dec 18

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Saturday, 18 December 2010 10:00 AM  RssIcon

The weather started off crap, but improved as the morning progressed.  The wind was still annoying and gusty, but at least it was flyable

I made some changes the the 3G software setup last night after performing the "silcone mod" to the sensor a few weeks back.

I was not prepared for the dramatic changes in the heli's behaviour.  It has gone from an OK flying heli to an awesome flying heli :)  It felit like it was on rails.  It would do as I told it and do it very well.

I also tweaked the mixture settings slightly and this seems to have helped with power delivery.  The third flight, I still had some fuel left in the main tank and the header was untouched :)

The flights were just the usual... flips, loops, rolls, piro stall turns and some inverted hover (in the 3rd flight)  My flips and rolls have improved imensely.  I still need to work on them, but they are getting more consistent though :)

Flight times were 9, 10 and 11 minutes, engine temps of 75, 101 and 111 celsius

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