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Trex 600n Flight Log - Flights #213 and #214

Jan 3

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Monday, 3 January 2011 9:57 AM  RssIcon

Beautiful day for flying, although it started to warm up and get a little uncomfortable (heat wise) later in the morning

No new moves, but rather just practicing existing.

Lots of slow piros, piro stall turns, flips, rolls and loops.  A very small amount of inverted hover (hold at top of loops)

I feel that my flips and rolls are improving, getting more consistent due to better pitch control

I can never work out why the first flight always uses more fuel than subsequent flights.  Todays was no exception.  First flight for the 10 minutes just started on the header tank, whilst the second flight of 12 minutes there was still some fuel left in the main tank and hadn't even started on the header tank.  My only thoughts would be the air temperature difference, the first flight being a lot cooler than the second

Flight times of 10 and 12 minutes, with engine temps of 103 and 107

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