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Velocity 50N2 Flights #4 & #5

Mar 11

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Sunday, 11 March 2012 9:36 AM 

It started off looking pretty bleak and at one stage got quite cold, before the sun burnt the clouds away and it warmed up :)

Two excellent flights on the Velo. :)  Leaned the main needle by a total of 3 clicks and also leaned off the idle.  It is still rich as can be on idle (10 second idle with fuel line clamped) so will lean that off a touch more.

The heli is a dream to fly.  it rolls loops and flips so nicely and despite the wind, the heli would still sit there in a hands off hover and only drift slightly with the wind.

I will need to tweak settings slightly, but I will lave it as is until the motor has had a few more tanks through it.

Two flighs of 8 minutes each

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