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Velocity 50N2 Flights #6 & #7

Mar 12

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Monday, 12 March 2012 10:00 AM 

Another beautiful day for flying... :)

Another 2 great flights with the N2.

A slight mishap on the first flight though, with a hurried landing due to engine leaning out from not watching the tank level and nearly running out of fuel, I landed the tail on a tuft of grass and stripped the tail gears.

I replaced the gears and was back in the air ready for another flight.

The second flight I forgot to close off the pressure relief valve and so I was running with minimal tank pressure.  The heli flew really well, albeit covering the side of the heli with fuel and I landed after 8 minutes with a fair amount of fuel left.  The motor was still quite cool, so this is telling me I still have a fair way to go with the tuning before it is right.

I am loving this heli.  It is so much quieter than the TRex and so much more nimble.  It has the same motor/pipe combo yet seems to have so much more power and punch :)

I have leaned the motor off a further couple of clicks.  Also I have adjusted the idle mixture, leaning that off as well.  Pinched line lasts about 6-7 seconds now :)

I will be investing in a header tank for this, as I don't like how quickly the last bit of fuel disappears out of the tank.

2 flights of 8 minutes each

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