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E325 Flight Log - Flights #63 - 66

May 14

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008 5:36 PM  RssIcon

Yes you read it right...  4 flights.  Actually over 2 evenings, but definately been good practice.

Each flight I was getting about 8 minutes of hovering.  Just lots of practice with left and right side in.  I am more comfortable with right side in, but left side in is getting better.

Probably about half the flight time was spent on my "ST-1" setting which is running 90% on the throttle curve, where as normal mode is 75%.  There are some minor pitch curve differences, but otherwise they are identical.  Its an easy way of getting used to higher headspeeds but still able to quickly change back to a slower "more comfortable" speed when required.

I changed the Dual rate mode to 80%, up from 70% for flights 65 and 66.  I was finding that i wasn't putting enough stick in to control the fore/aft drifting i am getting.  This helped quite a lot, but i might up it to 85% and see how that feels.

I even managed to have a bit of fun with some pirouettes near the end of flight 66.  Just a couple of spins in each direction.  I haven't got a high spin rate setup at the moment.  Each revolution took about 3-4 seconds.  When letting the stick go back to center the heli literally stopped its rotation on the spot. 

Hopefully i will be able to get more double flight days in.  I think a lot of the reason that im not really progressing is from lack of confidence due to the gap between flights.  Although I am keeping the heli in the air for more of the pack, and when things get a bit "hectic" I am able to calm the heli down better without having to land her.  So the confidence is slowly getting there.

Battery #1 took 1580mah
Battery #2 took 1640mah
Battery #3 took 1638mah
Battery #1 took 1555mah

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