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E325 Flight Log - Flight #69 - 70

May 25

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Sunday, 25 May 2008 7:12 PM  RssIcon

Another 2 flights today.

I went down to have a fly with the guys from SA R/C Helicopter Club (for their website click HERE), who fly at one of the ovals by Adelaide High School on west terrace.

Weather was beautiful.  Slight westerly breeze, bit of cloud cover, temp probably high teens/low 20's.

Just the same old stuff... basic hovering.  Although most of the time the heli was about 3-4 metres off the ground and about 20metres in front of me.

I had the training gear off, as i wasn't planning on doing any nose in hovers and the heli had a really bad wobble that i suspect the training gear was masking, so i will have to investigate as to what was causing it.

At another point, the heli almost got away from me, and i ended up doing a beautiful banked turn.  Scared the crap out of me, but it looked good, and i was pleased with how i managed to re-gain control

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the other helis and look forwards to getting back there again.

Battery #3 took 1542ma for a 6 1/2 minute flight
Battery #4 took 2059ma for an 8 1/2 minute flight

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