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E325 Flight Log - Flight #71 - 73

Jun 2

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Monday, 2 June 2008 5:37 PM  RssIcon

I went down to the local Heli club again.  I thoroughly enjoy going there, drooling over all the other nice helis, also as i had my eldest lad with me.

the first 2 flights went really well, with me flying virtually the whole flight with the headspeed set to 100%, and was very comfortable with it at this speed.  I spend some time trimming the heli, trying to get rid of the tail drift, and also get the tracking right (what a waste of time this turned out to be LOL).  I only got 5 minutes from battery #1, but this was used to do some bench testing of pitch and tail setup, and 6 1/2 minutes for battery #2.

The third (and final) flight for the day, ended after about 5 minutes with a crash.  Probably the worst crash i have had with this heli.  I was practicing circuits and nose in hovers, and starting to get some real confidence.  It was a nose in hover that ended the flight, just a thumb fart, applying left cyclic when i should have used right.  Up until this mishap, i had been about 2+ metres off the ground when doing nose-in, but the last time, I was only about 1 metre off the ground, and when the heli started rolling to my right, instead of applying right cyclic, i gave it left, which of course made it roll to my right even more, with it crashing in a heap on the ground.  I though I had hit throttle hold fairly quicky, but after assessing the damage, I think i was a bit slower on the hold, as the main gear has some nicely stripped spots.

So after getting it home and stripping her down (and then realising I should have taken photos), the damage list is as follows:

Main Shaft
Blade Grips
Main Blades
Tail Blades
Main Gear
Flybar rod
Tail Boom (re-usable but has some dings)
Flybar Control Arms (bent, but since have been straightened)

At a rough estimate, its looking to be about $100 including the align 325mm Carbon Blades.

I have recorded the charge time, as I was surprised at how long the batteries have taken to charge.  I have been charging them on my Swallow AC/DC V2 charger, with a DualSky 3S balancer at 2200ma, so i would have expected the batteries to take about an hour to charge, not the 2hrs that they are.  Maybe this is another sign that the batteries are on their way out!
Given teh flight time for battery #3, I am surprised at it only taking 850ma.  This is equating to about 4 1/2 minutes, not the 5mins that I got.

Batteries used:
Battery #1: 1367ma (2hrs charge time!)
Battery #2: 1506ma (2:09hrs charge time)
Battery #3: 854ma (95mins charge time)

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