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E325 Flight Log - Flights #130 and #131

Jan 6

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Tuesday, 6 January 2009 6:30 PM  RssIcon

Wind wasn't too bad, but i had the roller door open making a wind tunnel and increasing the gusty.  The wind was having fun with the heli hehe.  Making it dance around like its on a bungee rope.

I have tried some different throttle curves, reducing down to about 50% at mid stick on idle-up.

The tail is holding a lot better now.  I will reduce the gain a tad more and see how it goes.  I also had to increase the rudder endpoints as the piro rate was way too slow (<1 rpm per 2-3 seconds)  It is around 1rpm every 1-2 seconds, so a bit slow still.

I practiced the usual hovering orientations, but being a bit hesitant with nose in, i decided to do some piros and stop nose in for a few seconds, then continue on, then do it again, stopping longer.

By the end of the second pack, I was hovering nose in and battling the wind.  The piste de resistance of the flight was landing nose-in :)  It was a bit shaky, but I pulled it off :)

Battery #4 took 1484ma to charge in 59:21 minutes for a 7 minute flight
Battery #5 took 1317ma to charge in 57:10 minutes for a 7 minute flight

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