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Trex 600n Flight Log - Flight #64

May 2

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Saturday, 2 May 2009 4:49 PM  RssIcon

This was one of those "I have to have a fly flight" LOL

Because i had Connor with me, I didn't take my helis down to SARCH this morning, but instead just watched.  I was spewin' coz the conditions were almost perfect down there...  at times, hardly any wind, and lots of hot runner talent to watch when the local running club rocked up and used the track between the pits and the flight line as part of their course. yummy LOL

Any way... back to the finer art of Heli Flying... LOL

It was just an ordinary flight.  Some left to right side in hovering with the heli about 30cm off the ground, some piros, but otherwise just hovering.

Whats was interesting was that I only put half a tank of fuel in (about to the level of the fuel grommet on the tank).  When the main tank emptied, the engine started to run very rich.  It is like there is a restriction in the main fuel tank/pick up.  I will have to investigate this...

All in all, a nice flight, and in some ways, easier flight than with my Blade MCX LOL

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