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E325 Flight Log - Flight #155

May 26

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009 7:42 PM  RssIcon

Well, finally some short testing and trimming flights on the mini-titan after the crash nearly 2 months ago.

Replaced parts are as follows:

Tail boom, Main blades, Tail case, Tail supports and Tail boom brace, main shaft, skids, Short blade link, Main gear.

There was probably about 8 minutes worth of flying in several little flights, but im putting them all as one flight as I only used the one battery.

I adjusted the gyro gain which has helped reduce the tail wag to a slight "harmonic oscillation".  The blade tracking is spot on, which considering I had to replace one of the short blade links, is pretty good.  I had forgotten how noisy the wooden TT blades were compared to the carbon blades.

I still have some tail work to do.  Including polishing the tail shaft to make it slide smoothly and still have that dreaded drift.  Again, considering the tail boom has been replaced and I have had to move the servo onto the new one, it isn't too bad.  Probably better than before the crash LOL.

Battery #4 took 1648 ma to charge in 78:48minutes

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