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Wow how time has flown since my last entry

Oct 10

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 7:00 PM  RssIcon

Just some musing on how long its been since I updated my flight blogs (January 2011)

I just realised its been nearly 2 yrs since I added any flight blogs LOL...  Well a lot has happened since January 2011.  I have moved from Adelaide to Canberra with a Job transfer being the main event.  I spent most of 2011 commuting between Adelaide and Canberra and when I was offered a job I decided to take it as it offered so many more opportunities over the job I was doing back in Adelaide.  In a weird way I miss my old job back in Adelaide, but am loving my job over in Canberra.  Still with the same company (I have been with them for over 10 yrs now  )  And on a recent return trip to Adelaide, realised that other than Family and Friends there is nothing there for me.  It was a sad realisation

Well I will endeavour to get some flight logs updated (over 100 flights to enter in lol)

On the RC front...
I bought a Hobby King Baja 260s 1/5th scale off-road buggy. So much fun and with the upgrades has been very reliable (I will blog about this shortly).  I also purchased and built my first helicopter kit - an Outrage Velocity 50N2.  This is my main helicopter now, but still love flying the old trusty TRex600n.  I dont fly the mini-titan much these days, but hopefully that will change this summer.

I reduced my RC car collection, handing down my Faithful Traxxas Nitro Rustler and HoBao Hyper 7 to my Eldest Son February 2012 when I moved over to Canberra. I still have a couple, but will probably sell my Mugen MBX5r as I don't have anywhere to run it.  When I get around to it (after cleaning it up) I will probably go to the local Off-Road RC club and see if anyone wants to buy it.

There will be numerous blog entries pop up with past dates as I post them

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