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Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy

Jan 11

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 8:32 PM  RssIcon

I decided to give the Hobby King Baja 260s a go and so far am loving it...
I decided to give the Hobby King Baja 260s a go and so far am loving it...
After seeing the fun the guys at the monster truck demos were having with their HPI Baja's, I thought I would take a gamble and try the Hobby King Baja 260s (Click here for link).  This is basically an HPI 1/5th Baja clone but at about 1/4 the cost.

I figured that If I bought an HPI Baja, then I would be upgrading parts etc, so why not spend a 1/4 of the money on the Hobby King one then do the upgrades and probably come out with a buggy as good as an upgraded HPI Baja. :)

Things I have upgraded:

RPM Fron Upper and Lower Arms
RPM Front Bumper (With headlight mounts)
Nutech CNC Front Top Arm Rod Ends
30.5cc engine upgrade kit
GTB Racing Hydraulic front brake kit
GTB Alloy gearbox
GTB Enclosed clutch carrier
Front and rear axle extenders (required for front brakes)
Area RC Steering wiper arms
Area RC Split reservior Front and Rear shocks
Outerwear pull start cover
Outerwear Shock covers
Turtle Racing One Piece Brake Mount
Window set
Pico kill switch

Mods performed:
3rd bearing on gearbox input shaft
Quick release roll-cage mod
Fly-screen engine crankcase debris cover

It is such a blast to drive.  Enough power to wheel spin "road tires" on the bitumen but also enough brake power to pull it up very quickly from flat out :)  It has a real 2-stroke ring-ting-ting sound to it without the muffler, but a nice throaty 2-stroke note with the muffler on

I haven't calculated what I have spent on it, but the enjoyment I have gotten out of it and the fun of watching my kids drive it has been worth the money spent

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