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Velocity 50N2 Flight #2

Feb 4

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Saturday, 4 February 2012 9:42 AM 

Well, it started off as an awesome flight, but 5 minutes into the flight I ended up stripping the main gear.  I was able to auto down from about 10metres, only damage was the spur gear - totally stripped of teeth.  I suspect I may have set the gear mesh a little loose.

The flight...
one word can sum it up... AWESOME
The difference between the V50N2 and the Trex600n is like the difference in the Trex between the Align 3G FBL unit and VBar.

It just did everything so much easier and smoother than the trex.  Considering the motor/pipe combination, it is also a lot more quieter

I cant wait to get her back up in the air again but I will be in canberra by that time.

A single flight of 5 minutes

(post flight investigation... Engine screws came loose)

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