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Velocity 50N2 Flight #3

Feb 26

Written by:
Sunday, 26 February 2012 9:17 AM 

Woohoo :)  A "real" flight with the Velocity :)

Started off realy warm at the field, but unfortunately as we were preparing to go out for more flights, the rains set in :(

I only hovered the heli, with an easy pitch pump and some piroettes.  The engine is running extremely rich, as this is now the second tank through it, but I will have to lean it off slightly so it runs a bit smoother.

Pinch test at idle, then engine ran for an easy 15 seconds before revving up.

I have leaned the main needle by 2 clicks after this flight

7 minutes of hovering (with some fuel left in the tank)

Things to do:
1. Check all bolts, screws etc
2. Check alignment of motor to clutch.
3. trim clunk line slightly (as it grows the clunk cant move freely)

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