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E325 Flight Log - Flights #58 and #59

Mar 23

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Sunday, 23 March 2008 2:57 PM  RssIcon

Finally it has been cool enough and i have had some time to be able to go for a fly again.

We went out to the local school oval again.  Unfortunately for Steve, there was a bit too much wind for him to get a good flight with his E-Go Cessna 182, with the wind flipping the plane over sideways, snapping the prop shortly after take-off.

I managed 2 very good flights of 8 and 8 1/2 minutes each, even with the wind as it was.  The first flight I just flew around getting used to the conditions, with some left and right side in hovers, forward flight, and reversing back.  I also took the heli up about 15-20 metres, which would have been above the tree-tops nearby.  The heli seemed to settle down and I was able to do some hands-off hovering, with only slight corrections of forward cyclic to correct the backwards drift from the wind.

The heli takes on a whole new perspective when up high (which is what i have read), and almost requires re-learning how to make course corrections.

The second flight I decided to bite the bullet and try some nose in hovers.  So after strapping the training gear back on, I headed out onto the oval.  I did a couple of minutes of hovering and some forward flight to get used to the behavioural differences of having the training gear on, then came into a low hover and turned nose in.  I had moved around so the wind was on my back, and proceeded to get used to having to "think in reverse" for the aileron and elevator controls.  Its quite a challenge nose in, but with more practice, I will get there.  I practiced nose in for probably half the flight, then finished off the flight with some more high flying and forward flight.

All I can say is that it is a lot easier flying in an open space than in the confines of the back yard.  Not as much stress I suppose.

Battery #2 took 1716ma and
Battery #3 took 1674ma to charge

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