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E325 Flight Log - Flight #74 - 75

Jun 17

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Tuesday, 17 June 2008 2:52 PM  RssIcon

Well, my heli is back in the air...  Well was...  Not another crash but a stripped tail drive gear (the large one that sits above the main drive gear)

Flight 74 i spent trying to re-trim the heli and adjust blade tracking.  Not sure how long i flew, but given the amperage put back into the battery (#4) i guesstimate about 6-7minutes, but probably closer to 6.  I was unable to get the tracking close.  This was due to the pitch not being set correctly.  One blade was out by 2.5deg, the other by about 1.5deg.  Unfortunately after re-adjusting everything to get 0deg at midstick there was't enough light to be able to fly .

Flight #75 was back down with the guys at SARCH. 

I managed to get the tracking closer than what it was, but still a fair way out.  I decided to do a few circuits and piro's.  There was a bit of wind, and I was having trouble keeping the heli where i wanted it.  I worked out this was due to the changes i had made the night before with the setup.  I had reduced the swashplate mixing so that i only had +/-10deg pitch, elev and aileron, and this affected the expo and dual rates i had setup for the elevator and aileron.  I reduced the dual rate mode (or increased it LOL) back to about 80%.  This made a difference.  Still not as responsive as I would like, but a lot better.  I did another circuit and a piro, then went to piro the other way and noticed a clicking noise so decided to land.  I landed ok, but the tail blades were hitting the grass.  This made the clicking noise even worse.  Upon inspection, i could see quite clearly that the tail drive gear had stripped, so that put an end to the day's flying.

I had wanted to replace the tail drive gear the week before when I was rebuilding the heli after the crash, but Modelflight didn't have any in stock.

I have since ordered a pack of the Auto Tail Drive gears (PV0722) and whilst i was at it, also ordered a set of Main gears (PV0724) from Takeoff and Land.  They should be here in the next day or so.

Battery #4 was used for both flights.  Flight #74 took 1364ma, and flight #75 took 1134ma

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