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E325 Flight Log - Flight #76

Jun 22

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Sunday, 22 June 2008 7:29 PM  RssIcon

I finished getting the blades tracking correctly today.  took 1 turn of the long link to get it spot on.  There is only 2 discs now... one for the main blades and one for the paddles.

I also made up a carbon fibre tail linkage out of a piece of 3mm carbon rod and a couple of small linkage rods glued into the ends.  It is lighter than the original and had allowed me to get rid of those little rod supports.

Once the blades were tracking correctly, i just did some hovering with left and right piro's.  Love the speed that the Titan piro's, and i haven't even got it wound all the way up (only about 80%)

I got 6 1/2 minutes out of the pack before the LVC kicked in, so i definately reckon the parkzone packs are on their way out.

Battery #1 took 1350ma to charge

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