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Author: Created: Monday, 20 August 2007 11:25 AM RssIcon
My General thoughts and musings
By Nigel on Saturday, 18 April 2009 11:09 AM
Conditions weren't too bad at SARCH today.  A slight breeze that did get a bit stronger later on would be the only weather complaint.

What made it extremely annoying was the trucks loading up sand that meant a lot of non-flying time.

I still managed 2 flights (6 and 7 minutes respectively)

I switched the fuel filter during the week with a spare.  The one that came out didn't look very dirty, but the difference it made to the engine speed of the heli was extremely significant. ...
By Nigel on Friday, 10 April 2009 7:46 AM

I had 3 great flights down at SARCH today in near perfect conditions.

Heli was running nice. l leaned the needle 2 clicks.  I could have gone another 2, but preferred to keep it on the rich side.

I practiced nose in and left and right side transitions

The flights were 7, 7 and 11 minutes in duration

By Nigel on Saturday, 4 April 2009 5:30 PM
Replaced the clunk line after it split.  It has been splitting both ends, and the fuel tubing clamps have been becoming hard and cracking.

I tried some heat shrink tubing instead of the fuel tubing for clamps.  I will see how it goes.  Hopefully it will last longer than the fuel tubing clamps.

I also had to make a repair to the "fuel plug" that holds the fuel and clunk lines.  When I was removing the fuel line from outside the tank, the nipple pulled off.  I ended up using the pressure...
By Nigel on Saturday, 4 April 2009 9:30 AM
Down at SARCH the weather was yuck compared to last weekend, but still very flyable.

Heli seemed strange today.  The engine rpm was low compared to last weekend, with no changes made to the tune.  It was also very tail heavy as well.  I had to put in about 10clicks of forward cyclic to get the heli to sit nicely and not lurch backwards toward me.

I did my first 6 minute flight with left to right side in hovers, a small amount of extremely shakey nose in.

When i went to fill up...
By Nigel on Saturday, 28 March 2009 8:00 AM
It was a perfect morning for flying down at SARCH.  No clouds, no wind (till late morning when a slight breeze started)  I was surprised there weren't more people out flying.  Oh well, just more flight line time available for others :)

After the crash of the mini-titan, I thought I had better get out there and get my confidence back.

As it was so still, the first flight with the Trex I did some minor trimming,  with some left and right side in hovers, with a small amount of nose in.

By Nigel on Saturday, 28 March 2009 8:00 AM
Weather conditions were virtually perfect down at SARCH.

Not a very succesful flight resulting in a crash :( 

Was hovering nicely, albeit with a slight tail wag, when all of a sudden the wag started getting worse.  It was getting close to a 1/2 turn of wag, back and forth.  Tried to land and just got the edge of the heli pad and the heli tipped over.

Initial damage is boom, boom braces, main blades and skids.

One of the blade grip short links also pulled out, so for safety...
By Nigel on Friday, 27 March 2009 6:12 PM
50th flight for the TRex for me :)  Woohoo!!!

I was itching for a flight, and wanted to test out the new metal blade grips that I have put on.

Didn't realise that I had hovered for 7 minutes LOL, but was a blast just having the heli sit there about 1/2 metre off the ground., switching from left to right side in.

I had to reduce the elevator trim a bit, and managed to get some nice 5 second hands off hovers. The slight cross breeze was stopping it from being longer.

I reduced...
By Nigel on Sunday, 15 March 2009 5:43 PM
Another flight at home.

I reset the speed controller again (same settings as before) just to make sure it was set correctly.

The heli still spools up nicely, then looses power.  Let ti spool down, then spool back up and all is fine.

I also have a horrible tail wag.  high speed oscillations when im running a slower head speed.  It does disappear when i crank the head speed up, but it never used to do this.

Other than trying to control the heli in the wind, I just hovered...
By Nigel on Friday, 13 March 2009 8:00 PM
A flight at home.

Even though I have setup the speedy the same as the old one, this one still plays up.  It seems very sluggish when i first spool up to the point of loosing power (like its gone into low battery cut-off mode).  I spool down, then back up again and all is fine.  I will have to try resetting the speedy again and hopefully it fixes it.

The usual hovering.  I am getting better in the left to right side in hovering manouver.  Now i just need to get down to SARCH and tackle...
By Nigel on Monday, 9 March 2009 11:09 AM
I was hoping I would do at least 3 flights on the 600n today, to clock up the 50th flight with the 600n, but also my 200th flight, but unfortunately I was 1 tank short on fuel.

As the governor was still playing up, I adjusted the throttle curve for the second flight, reducing it by 5 percent.  It definately made a difference

Basic hovering manouvres... left, right and nose in.  As per previous flights, I concentrated on doing the 180 degree hover turn (??)

My nose in hovering...
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